Drifting off to Dreamland: FOX28’s Tom Powell puts a sleep app to the test

_The CDC has called insufficient sleep a public health epidemic, with as many as 70 million Americans suffering from sleep problems.  “We live in a toxic environment for sleep, and people really don’t prioritize sleep,”  says Dr. Nathaniel Watson with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  He says short sleep is associated with cardiovascular disease, obesity, and even a shorter life.  He says apps can be useful tools to help you doze off or learn more about your sleep, but he doesn’t believe they can diagnose sleep illness.  “They’re certainly not able to treat it,” he says. _

Are you in desperate need of a good night’s sleep?  Forget counting sheep!  Now you can use your smartphone to help.  There are all kinds of apps that claim to help you snooze, or even track the quality of your sleep.