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For a better sleep

How do I sleep better?

There are a lot of causes why people sleep worse than usual. In short, it depends. In any case, it will take you time to find out and build the habits (or remove bad habits) that might make you sleep better, and also, you might be sick. In the following weeks, I will post techniques to improve your sleep. Don’t fool yourself, like playing the piano, or learning something, it takes time and patience with yourself.

November trials update

Good afternoon!! Did you sleep well today? Are you tired? Do you know why? Please, forward this to those who might be interested. I am going to conduct a Trial about Sleep and Activity Monitoring. During 8 days you will be able to learn things about yourself that you are not so aware of. You will learn about your sleep patterns, your day activity patterns among other things. :: I will learn some other not so interesting things for you, but for the scientific community.

Phone apps to help you sleep

(WFLX) — Forget counting sheep! Now, you can use your smartphone to help you sleep with odles of apps that claim to help you snooze or even track the quality of your rest. link

Firsts results

Actigraphy from one of the subjects. Finally, I joined some plots!

October trials

October Trials (General_Info)