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Sleep sensors

Sleep Sensors 2022 During my PhD I have worked with several sensors. Among them Beddit and Emfit. I currently us Withings because I have many other Withings products. From these sensors, only eight sleep will help you sleep better. All the others, will just measure your sleep, so yourself can correlate behavior and sleep. I will probably add here some other sensors/wearables that measure sleep but they are not placed on the bed, but rather on you.

How do I sleep better?

There are a lot of causes why people sleep worse than usual. In short, it depends. In any case, it will take you time to find out and build the habits (or remove bad habits) that might make you sleep better, and also, you might be sick. In the following weeks, I will post techniques to improve your sleep. Don’t fool yourself, like playing the piano, or learning something, it takes time and patience with yourself.