There are a lot of causes why people sleep worse than usual. In short, it depends. In any case, it will take you time to find out and build the habits (or remove bad habits) that might make you sleep better, and also, you might be sick. In the following weeks, I will post techniques to improve your sleep. Don’t fool yourself, like playing the piano, or learning something, it takes time and patience with yourself.

My advice:

  • If you think that you have sleep apnea, or some other disease (or your partner does), go and visit a doctor as soon as you can because there are waiting lists and these things take time. If your partner tells you that you stop breathing during the night, move your legs, or they simply have a hard time sleeping next to you, because they are worried you will stop breathing. That being said, whether you are sick or not, there are some bigs of things that you should follow. 
  • Focus on some things that are important. In behavior and health, usually, eliminating bad habits is the way to go. I can add two similes to help this thought to stick in your mind: a. It does not matter if you eat very healthy most of the day, if then you put if you eat very badly a great portion of the day. So if you drink a lot of coke but you eat healthy, and you think your health is not good, then just focus on eliminating coke of your diet, and perhaps just drink one every week. Or for example, if you smoke, try to focus on that if you want to improve your exercise performance instead or more training (I would try to find some psychologic strategy to that actually). Not sure if I make the point.

Take home message: try to eliminate one bad thing in the next 15 days. That thing that you think it will make an impact. It can be, stop drinking coffee from 16:00h, or stop all devices from 21:00h or prior 1h before going to bed, or to eat a very light meal (or not having dinner at all), or drink water, but just a small amount. I found that reading before going to bed, is very tiring (reading paper!). 

Good night!