November trials update

Good afternoon!! Did you sleep well today? Are you tired? Do you know why?

Please, forward this to those who might be interested.

I am going to conduct a Trial about Sleep and Activity Monitoring. During 8 days you will be able to learn things about yourself that you are not so aware of. You will learn about your sleep patterns, your day activity patterns among other things.

:: I will learn some other not so interesting things for you, but for the scientific community.

Are you a candidate?

– I am single 🙂 or I will be sleeping alone for the whole week 🙁 – I am going to sleep at home during a whole week. I am not going to spend the weekend in a cottage. – I am not sick ( you have a flu, pregnant…). This study has no harm for anyone, I need just clear results (and just one heartbeat!) – I am not taking meds. Not on heavy drugs. – I do not have a dog, or a cat, or a pet that moves around and sleeps with you in the bed. – I am not oversized, meaning that you do not have a weight issue. Not obese (BMI > 30), find out here (link)

You have more information attached in a pdf –> Info (pdf)

Are you still there? Still interested?

If you came this far, you can fill the poll if this is of your interest (it is private) with your EMAIL.

Right now is limited to 24 participants. You have three chances to go for it, and time booking with me at Cafe Rom.

  • Week 5-13th.
  • Week 14-21st.
  • Week 2-9th.
  • Week 10-18th.
  • Week 5-13th.

First day: explanation and configuration (45 min. max), questioner. Last day: retrieval of devices and questioners.

During this time, I will explain you briefly everything and give you some instructions. We will have an interview after the trial.

Poll link:

I hope to hear from you soon, Have a nice day!


  • Q: SPORTS…. I do a lot of sports, can I wear them?

A: It is recommended to do some kind of sports to reach a good sleep. So of course, it is fine. You will write down on sheet paper when are you doing the sports. You will remove the sensors just when you are in a shower or in the Sauna. If you have to remove them for any other reason, it is fine, but you have to write it down.

  • Q:WEIGHT I have a overweight, can I participate?

A: Nobody is in perfect shape! I am not. Check your BMI, if you have a weight problem, your BMI is definitely over 30, and trust me, you would know it is a health issue. However, recommendations is always <25, but I am 26-27 and I am hot! So try to move you butt. So this is usually not an issue.