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The Benefits of a Sleep Buddy

A quarter of U.S. couples sleep apart. Are they missing important health benefits? link

Sleep apnea has adverse effect on quality of life (NewsFix) A survey suggests that sleep apnea exacts a huge toll on emotional health. Sleep apnea is characterised by cessation of the breathing many times during the night and it’s often accompanied by snoring. It’s caused by the tissue at the back of the throat obscuring the free passage of air into and out of the lungs.

November trials update

Good afternoon!! Did you sleep well today? Are you tired? Do you know why? Please, forward this to those who might be interested. I am going to conduct a Trial about Sleep and Activity Monitoring. During 8 days you will be able to learn things about yourself that you are not so aware of. You will learn about your sleep patterns, your day activity patterns among other things. :: I will learn some other not so interesting things for you, but for the scientific community.

Insomnia concerns go unaddressed in heart failure patients By Lucy Piper, Senior medwireNews Reporter

medwireNews: The impact of insomnia on health and function is a major concern for patients with heart failure (HF), qualitative and quantitative research shows. more

AIRO wristband tracks not just sleep, exercise and stress, but also what you eat

There are fitness wearables that track steps, gauge your quality of sleep and monitor your stress, but few combine all three. As for keeping track of what you eat, most people still resort to old-fashioned food diaries and calorie counters. The AIRO wristband, however, aims to measure all of the above completely automatically. Launching today, the AIRO uses a special embedded spectrometer to track not just your heart rate, but also your sleep patterns, workout intensity and calories consumed.

November trials

I have re-designed the trial, simplifying it a lot and focusing on the main research questions!

New set of measurements

Just collected a new set of measurements

Phone apps to help you sleep

(WFLX) — Forget counting sheep! Now, you can use your smartphone to help you sleep with odles of apps that claim to help you snooze or even track the quality of your rest. link

Firsts results

Actigraphy from one of the subjects. Finally, I joined some plots!


One of my colleagues., Janne Vainio, who is also doing a PhD. in behavior change, is mainly interested in mobile interventions and learning models. Unfortunately the application is only in Finnish, but Chrome can help to translate this! Take a look! Ah! the link!